* Cyber Oracle

The Cyber Oracle is a computer based female Oracle
that will help you make your hard decisions.

The Oracle is well known for her great mystical powers.

One user wrote:

"I wanted to import ice and sell it in Alaska,
but I had some doubts-
So I asked the Oracle if i should invest all of my savings in importing ice
to Alaska, and she said: YES.
So i did it- and now i lost all of my savings...
Thank you mighty Oracle,
for teaching me the true bless of beeing
completely out of money - with huge debts
and a few contracts with the under-world!!!
Thank you mighty Oracle!!!"

Ok so it is not a good example, but read this:

"I wanted to know if it is ok for me to rob the local bank,
so i just opened up my Cyber Oracle App and asked the Oracle.
She said it is O.K,
and now thanks to her I have lots and lots and lots of spare time
to write my revues from jail!!!
Thank you mighty Oracle!!!"

O.K so maybe now is the right time to disclaim:

* The use of the Cyber Oracle is totaly on your responsibility and risk !!!
Authors of this application do not take responsibility for any results of using this application
and will not be responsible for any harm done as a result of using this application.

Support: Support@FunnyiGames.com